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    Default Do girls ever qualify without the guy setting it up?

    There's a girl at work that I'm pretty sure is into me. So the other day I was in conversation with this older lady at my work (not competition to the girl).

    The girl walks by, smiles and waves at me. The older lady thought she was gesturing to her, though I knew the girl was addressing me because of the angle of approach and eye contact.

    So the older lady asks if the girl needed something. The girl had just walked past us, but turned around at this and took it as an opportunity to join the conversation.

    During this conversation, the older lady who likes to run races, asks the girl if she runs. She replies that she does. At this, the older lady gets excited and starts explaining the details of the races. The girl says she's not a competitive runner, but the lady says it's fine, you can even walk.

    The lady goes on to say they have a 5k and 10k. The girl immediately says she can do the 10k. This catches my attention, not because of the feat, but how quickly she rose up to the challenge.

    A bit later in conversation, the girl asks us if we know about this beer race thing, where people run and drink beer at certain points in the race. This piqued my interest to be honest since I like beer. She goes on about how she wants to do it.

    Thinking back, I realized I had told her that I like beer. Also, I'm surprised a girl would be into a beer race kind of thing.

    I don't want to misread anything, but was this girl trying to qualify herself to me? The way she quickly said she could do the 10k, and then bringing up the beer race thing.

    I know guys do things like that, where they mention things to impress or relate to a girl they like. Do women ever do that sort of qualification without having it set up by a guy?

    Btw I had planned to go into that screening/qualification step with this girl since I'm pretty certain she likes me, but maybe she's already doing it without me having to set anything up?

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    Default Re: Do girls ever qualify without the guy setting it up?

    Yes girls do that sort of thing but u should have been looking for ioi's from her body language, but if u're sure she likes u than yeah go for it.
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