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    Default Friendzoned or is she unsure?


    I'll cut right to the chase. I meat a girl at a party though a friend. She is my friends cousin. We talked on FB and exchanged mobile numbers and went out for a date. Then I asked her out again but since she has a busy schedule full of dinners with friends and what not, we went out after a week. Then again we went out after a week but all these times it was me that I asked her out. She asked me once or twice to go have a drink and we did and now we are going out again this week.

    All these times that we went out there was no kissing or kino which is something unusual from my part. This girl is smart and average looking and when I tease her in a witty manner that I want to have sex with her she says she will have sex with me when she is sure. However, I always tell her to relax and enjoy the ride and that casual sex is also nice. She said she doesn't do casual sex and the a week later she denied saying it.

    Bottom line, I like the girl, we go out once a week for the past 5-6 weeks and she says that she is busy lately but her schedule will clear up soon. Nothing erotic happening between us even though there is attraction I guess. She also mentioned on the first date that she doesn't want to be exclusive and that she wants to date other men and I told her that it was fine with me, just relax and enjoy and I made a joke in the lines "you come off as a weirdo when u say u don't want to be exclusive on the first date" which she laughed at. Anyway!

    What do you guys think? Is she unsure? Is she not interested? Is she taking it slow? Does she expect a move?

    My thought: If the girl is taking things slow then one date per week isn't enough to give this "relationship" the momentum it needs.


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    Default Re: Friendzoned or is she unsure?

    If you've went out 5 or 6 times with no kino or kissing, you are in the friendzone. You need to kino more and build attraction as it seems clear that is what your relationship is lacking. Stop talking about the relationship and wanting to have casual sex, be a man and act on your ambitions. The fact she keeps seeing you indicates she is on some level attracted to you.

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