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    Default trying to Recover from the epic fail with a hb9

    (Update) from previous post of the epic fail hb9
    So i finally ran into this hb9 again as i was leaving the mall she was at the food court in line at taco bell so i ran up behind her and put my hand on her shoulder and said
    Me: excuse me ma'am your under arrest! ( with a smile so when she turned around)
    Hb9mg you scared me, i was thinking like whos voice is this, lol ( lol and smiled
    Me : smiled
    Hb9 : how have you been?
    Me: good good, just finishing up my xmas shopping.
    Hb9 :yeah i finally finished mines as well.
    Long story short she got her food and asked if i wanted to join her.
    We sat talked she showed me pics of her family and so on on.
    Hb9: omg i got a new car did i tell you?
    Me: not sure, its been a while sinced we talked.
    Hb9: well i got a blah blah
    (Talk about that )
    Then she gave me her phone to put my number in
    I put and i put myself under ( my name, my bff 4 ever.
    And i sent a txt to my phone so i can save hers.
    We talked some then she had to get back to work and hugged
    Her bye
    Hb: merry xmas tell your mom i said merry xmas ( but my mom doesn't even know
    her) but i guess its a good thing.

    Mins later she texted me
    Hb9: haha i just saw your name lol
    Hb9: tell me what you think of my car
    Hb9: it was nice seeing you
    All back back
    15 mins later
    Me : you better not change it and that is not your car lol
    Never replied then christmas came around and txt me merryxmas i wrote back the same thing and she never replied.

    The next day!
    Me: hey you! Santa bring you everything you asked for?
    Hb9: yess, he did! What about you papa!? shes spanish )
    Me; I see you fell into the list of nice kids then,huh lol. Me on the other hand unfortunately didn't get the pony i wanted. Haha
    Hb9: haha cute lol
    Hb9:you didnt lol
    Hb9 :Yes I did fall under that category lol. Only thing that went wrong is that my tire pop onto car I was super said but its ok cause Im getting fix only bad thing is it going to be in the shop for alittle!! ;( but it ok! Other than that had an amazing time with the family.

    Me Opps...did i somewhat jinks that? Remember i said that about your tire on your break that day lol pero me alegro q la allas pasado bien. Parandiaron mucho jaja spanish for im glad you had a good time with your family.)

    Hb9: Yes I totally forgot about that.. An yeah me too family is the world to me, and when we get together we go all out! That what make it fun

    Me Don't you just love our culture? Were such united people, well most is this era. Ha. But yeah i can see your very family orientated which is a great. That shows a lot about a person. *high five for that* lol.

    Hb9:aww thank you papa

    Me So your family orientated,okay. What else, are you adventures? Lol( trying to qualify her
    She never responded but im not that cause she works and she got a boyfriend
    But ill take any critiqs also i really feel good chemistry and shes shown alot of ioilt but idk what to do this girl got me going nuts. Do i just need to be patient and go with flow or any suggestions

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    Default Re: trying to Recover from the epic fail with a hb9

    Epic fail? No way dude! Your approach was awesome, led to an instant date, and she gave you her phone #. Idk how you are seeing this as a fail. I would say stop texting so much as its getting lengthy and boring. Save that kinda sh1t for her BF. You wanna focus on maintaining that fun, energetic, playful vibe you have going on. I'd say stop texting and somehow try to get her out. You've gotta excite her especially if she has a BF already.

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