So I was sitting in a Starbucks doing work, when I see this hot girl. We make eye contact, and within a minute she comes over to my table and asks me if she can sit down. Keep in mind, I was sitting at a two person table adjacent to a communal table, at which there was an open seat. So I'm thinkin this is a real good sign.

We have a great conversation. Smiles and laughs throughout, got a ton in common. All's goin great.

After probably 20-30 minutes she says she's gotta go to her dance class in 5 minutes. So I tell her we should get together sometime. She says she literally has no time and goes on about how for the first time in her life she's committed herself to this crazy regimen of taking college classes all day and dance classes all night, beginning at 9am and ending at 10pm every day, without exception.

But she tells me to come to her show in January and writes down the name of her web site, which has her email.

First off, I'm totally confused-- why did she bother to come over in the first place? But second, is there anything I can do to salvage the situation? IS it worth sending her an email? If so, when and what should it say?