I'll give you guys the quick rundown. First and foremost I understand the number one thing I need to do is to get more girls in my life to take care of my current situation. I currently am doing that and have 2 other girls I am "talking" to. Nevertheless I would still like to know how to approach this one particular girl and the situation I'm in. Here is the cliff notes version:

I met this girl at a coffee shop she waited on me a couple times and I did a great job of coming off as a "bad boy" confident alpha male with her. I got her number and within a day had a date that went well. I dropped her off at her house at the end of date 1 and we made out for a few minutes and it was a very natural progression that led up to that as I had been physical with her throughout the date to avoid the awkward "Well here we are at your house, I had a great time....(please kiss me lol)." Second date she came to my place and we ended up on my bed where she was very into the moment (on top of me blah blah) but when I went to kick things up a notch she pulled my hand back and said "we have to be good". Immediately I thought in my head "she has another guy, maybe not a bf but an ex in the picture." Long story short we hung out another time and then she flaked on a date and explained there was something she had to let go of and wanted to be able to give me 100%.

I stopped talking to her. 2 weeks later she hits me up again and wants to hang out. She comes over and spends the night but still doesn't let me escalate. We end up hanging out for another month and end up having sex but nothing consistent. Then she tells me she isn't comfortable doing that anymore (having sex with me) and isn't sure why and that I deserve better than her. I assess that as she felt guilty because she probably hooked up with her ex. Once again we stop talking. 2 weeks goes by she hits me up again apologizing and saying she missed me. This time I don't really try to set up a hang out and I am not as responsive to her texts (ignore her sometimes or I won't text her at all for a day or 2 until she texts me). So I think we can all agree I should probably avoid this all together and that she is definitely still "into" her ex. But if I don't text her she will still initiate conversation and be flirty, sexual, etc. How do I play it off without coming out and saying "I'm not going to continue to talk to you if we don't hang out so you better set something up because I'm not gonna push for it". I'm still very sexual in the text messages and make it very clear we are not just "friends". Is there a way I can get her to realize she needs to take action or else I'm gone without saying it? I definitely made some AFC moves in our interactions at some points but I still believe I've come off Alpha enough to keep the attraction there, I just want it to escalate again without me coming off as chasing her? Any thoughts?