I've been turning my life around and getting into shape and what-not so one of my friends i used to like started hanging out with me alot more recently and has been acting nicer to me. so the other day we went to go pick up her friend who was coming from missouri to visit her, and now me and this chick gotta thing going on. got a good kiss close already and I've been hanging out with them for a bit now. kissed her friend right in front of her today and all of a sudden she practically hates me. we used to hang out all the time and party together, but since me and her friend started she doesnt talk to me. normally this wouldnt bother me but these two are always together since shes staying at her house and its making it kinda hard to get anywhere. you guys know of any way i can get around this? her friend is leaving next week so i'm a little rushed, and being blockaded(for lack of a better phrase) is really giving me trouble. the only thing i could think of that would piss her off is jealousy but that makes no since as shes had a bf for 4 months and i dont like her anymore.

any help would be very appreciated.