Its been a while since I posted on here but something happened last night which still has me confused. I was out last night, feeling pretty good from a pretty good kiss close the night before, it was pretty much the closest I have felt to being a PUA, I noticed a girl, approached her straight away, opened her and her friend, got her on her own and kiss closed all within 15 minutes. As a result of this I was feeling pretty confident going out last night, I went to my usual bar, I wasn't drinking so wasn't as confident to approach, but still saw a solid 9 who I have liked for a while and thought, screw it, what harm can it do to talk to her. I heard a while ago that a friend of mine had kiss closed her during the summer and wasn't sure whether to believe him as he dresses poorly, has big ears, bad skin and is about as smooth as sandpaper, throw into this mix that he gets wasted on every night out. Of course this lead me to think that he was boasting about something that never happened as his usual standard of girl is about a 2. However, we were both speaking with this 9 last night and she did seem to be in to him at times and at other times looked like she wanted to spit on him, but I couldnt tell if she was just being friendly or not as they know each other better than I know her, I have destroyed guys competing for girls with me in the past like this but for some reason it didn't fully work for me last night. I still managed to get her by herself but a mixture of not drinking and the confusion over how she could be into my annoying drunk friend meant that even though we had our first proper conversation, I couldn't transition it into flirting.

What I want to know is how can I gauge if she is interested in my friend as he will probably be there the next time I meet her, how can I take him out of the equation, or should I just move on from her? Normally I would just walk away from a girl this confusing but she is seriously a 9 and if she put even a slight bit more effort into how she dressed would be a 10, please help guys!