This was part of a post on an old thread. And I think there was confision. So anyways.....

I wanted to talk about what happened to me last night. I met this girl, named Renee. And one of the first things I did was do a Cold Read of her Body Language. I explained because of the way her legs were pointed, meant that she was more engaged with my friend Dustin. Which she was, because they are friends. After that everyone was asking me how I can tell when someone is lying. So I explained when someone lies, they will have a tendency to look to one side, to scratch their nose right after and then look at you, too see if you believed it. And when someone is telling you the truth, lets say you accuse them of stealing. Watch for their visual facial cues. You will notice in one split second, they will make a disgusted face, that's if they are innocent.

She asked me, "I dare you to read my body language" Remember, she is initiating all of this! I am not trying to talk to her at all. So I go "Well now your top foot is pointing at me, and your moving your leg up and down, that means you are attracted to me. (this is where I am a bit fuzzy on what happened. I usually go for the kiss close after 3 IOIs, but I was kind of drunk) Would you like to kiss me" Her: "no" and some negative response, but again major eye contact and a cheeky grin. Me: "well I didnt say I wanted you too, I just thought there was something on your mind"

Then after that this girl, kept touching me. Grabbing my hat. Saying that I am too old for her. Saying to our friends, (which were all guys) that she doesn't like me. But then would look at me with good eye contact, hold it for a second and bat her eyelashes. So I kept bantering back and forth with her. I refused to let her shake my frame. This in turn caused her to up the anty. When my friend that was a girl was leaving, and kissed me on the cheek, Renee came up and slapped me in the face. Yea I know, addicted to drama.

I grabbed her cell, and she goes I dare you to put your number in there. So I punched it in and sent myself a text, saying "I want you." As if she was saying it to me, I wasn't saying it to her.

My friends were all like, "Dude she hates you leave her alone". I go, "do you guys see that she keeps coming up to me?" "Do you see what she does physically?" "She keeps touching me and re initiating contact with me." "Dont look at what a woman says, look at what she DOES!" Then they were "like yea I see what you mean!"

I tried to kiss close her and normally I am pretty good at that. But when I tried, she would turn away then look at me, batting her eyelashes. I even tried the close your eyes and stick out your tongue routine, but she just said "no I know that you will bite my tongue." This girl had game!

Anyways after that she was begging me to come back to our friends Dustin's place, but it was late, I was kind of drunk and not interested in some young insecure chick (even though she is hot ) who is probably more trouble than its worth.

Any advice on how to kiss close this girl? Or what I could of done better?