I find that I have much better game in person, however, since I work in New Media, it benefits my schedule and social life to put in a little online game time. So here's the dilemma: I sometimes am able to spark up conversations on Ok Cupid but I always manage to lose momentum as time goes on.

Current example of where I'm stuck with my writer's block, any advice or suggestions? It's so frustrating to be able to spark a girl's interest but not necessarily be able to keep it.

Me: you keep showing up on my match thing. Moved back from Ny and I'm moving there

Her: Lol well i must say im jelly ur going to have so much fun ny

Me: Still don't know for sure, any advice for a new nyc'er? Why the move back to LA?

Her: Well my advice is to not just stay in manhattan. Go check out williamburg and green point. U will relly like it out in brooklyn. Its very hip young nd full of great places to eat. I moved home for my family. Otherwise i would never have left the east coast. But with ur line of work ud prob be best in la

Me: Lucky enough to be in a studio so NYC vs LA isn't a huge difference, waiting to hear if I'm approved to work on our NYC studios. So I'm mega disappointed in your pho boycott, especially w/the LA weather recently!

Me: Oh thats pretty awsome. Ur good to go then ;-) and yes the pho has been out of the picture for some years now lol. And weather in la is cool but i still prefer the seasons