I've passively read articles on this site, and on youtube for a number of years now. I never have issues making the approach, closing, and showing I'm the AMOG. To tell the truth, it normally comes easy.

Then she came along...

I managed to let this one friendzone me. Didn't manage to F-close (second base was not an issue), and its been bugging me ever since. I let her go for a few months, and decided to come back into the picture to get back to my game. Get in, get out is pretty easy... But I want round 2 with this one.

Working on breaking down that wall, and building myself back up. I read something on here about a triangle technique to break down the friendzone, and build something up. Been chatting with her again for a few days, hang out on occasion.

So we were texting earlier tonight, and couldn't seem to get a good escalation, so I decided to go out with another girl tonight, and made the girl I have interest in my wingman.

Told her to call me at 10pm with a crazy emergency to get out of things. Trying to establish I'm a wanted fella, and give myself options.

Not certain exactly of what to do when girl of interest calls me. Any advice?

Beer time with girl #2. See ya!