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    Default Complete blow off or valid excuse?

    Here’s the run down. I’ve known this woman for 5+ years now. I was her boss. She started 3 months before I came on board. She was married and I was in a LTR. We never really hung out when she worked for me. Last year she left the company. During that time when she left the company she gave birth to a baby girl with a terminal illness and divorced, all around the same time (Crappy situation I know). In the last 6 months I have become single and we have been hanging out and talking. We’ve gone drinking 6 times now. One of the times she kissed me on the cheeks and grabbed my arm as we walked and everyone we talked to that night she introduced me as her “awesome boss” (even know I am no longer her boss). Nothing major. The last time we went drinking we actually got kicked out of the bar, she was totally drunk. Before she was wasted she was kissing me on my checks and poking me and sitting in my lap and obviously as the night went on it become more persistent. We ended up at her place. She got a snack and walked up to me and told me I had to eat some of it (crackers and some kind of meat). She shoved a bite in my mouth and grabbed my crotch and then we went and laid down on the couch. We didn’t do anything. It was late we fell asleep. She moved a week later and said she wanted me to see the new place. I said I would gladly come see the new place but the next time I’m in her living room she couldn’t shove some mystery meat in my mouth and grab my crotch. She said “haha omg I don’t remember that”. A couple of weeks go by and last month December 1 she goes to Europe on a personal vacation for 3 weeks. I told her if she needed company I would gladly meet her in Amsterdam. She told me that was a no brainer and to book a flight. So I made plans but then I couldn’t get my passport (long story on that, it blows). She told me it was disappointing that I couldn’t make it but she understood. Since she got back we have texted quite a bit. Last week we made plans to go get dinner and go bowling on Saturday. I told her to hit me up when she wanted to go. The whole day passes and she never hit me up. At 10pm she text me asking what happened to me. I said “what do you mean? I left it in your hands to get at me”. She said “Sheet, I thought you were blowing me off”. I said nope that’s all you. So yesterday New Year’s Eve we made plans to hang out at the bar. She never showed. I text her and call and no answer. At 12:54am she text me last night “Heyyy sorry lets hang! I passed out and missed everything! Anything open”. I didn’t get back to her. Then at 11:51am she text me “How was it? I can’t believe I f**king missed out”

    So I’m not sure how to respond to her. I know with her daughter situation things are tiring and I’ve woken her up before when I called in the past. So part of me believes she just fell asleep. Other part of me says damn I’m a fool.

    I’m sure I can post more complete text messages back and forth if that would help.

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    Default Re: Complete blow off or valid excuse?

    The problem with the first one is that high value girls will usually wait until you contact the first, so instead of saying "contact me tomorrow" say "I'll talk to you tomorrow".

    The second one is on the fence man, it really could go either way as a legit excuse or a blow off. My advice freeze of for 2 or 3 days and give it one more shot, if it doesn't happen that time don't try to make plans again unless she asks you and picks a time and a place.
    In life you get what you put into it.

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