Hey Peeps,

I've just joined this site and was hoping if I can get some guidance in my particular situation. Now I've discussed this with some friends but I always believe that friends will always tell you what you want to hear.

Okay so here goes.

Recently I caught up with a girl I went to uni with. Back then I was in a great relationship but told myself if I was single I would love to ask her out. Now being single and the opportunity is there I've decided to try my luck.

You only live once right?

So we've hung out but with friends and caught up for dinner at least one and always communicating. We seem to get along really well, always have a laugh and really seem to be enjoying each other's company.

Originally I wasn't really looking for much and when we caught up again after not seeing each other for a few years and I started seeing someone else. It was nothing too serious and ended quickly but I can't get this girl out of my head.

Now during NYE, she invite over to her cousin's to spend it with her and it was a great night.

We spent the night chatting in the pool, drinking having a good laugh etc. During the night I don't know if I should be reading into but she kept accidentally brushing my hand. Accidental contact? but it kept happening, started off small but then it was happening regularly.

After a few drinks, because she has started boxing and she knows i do martial arts she asked me to show her pressure points. So here is drunken me digging my thumb into nerve endings. it was pretty funny to see her reactions.

Next thing I know where on the lawn having a light sparring session which always seemed to end up with us cuddling.

Then she kinda went cold a bit. But hey I had a good buzz and didn't want it to ruin my night.

Now a few days has passed so I messaged her saying how much i enjoyed her company and wanted to catch up for a coffee but she basically shot me down saying she "just wants to be friends &... draw a line in the sand". I replied I was cool with that but would still like to catch up as friends if thats the case.

What I'm unsure about is should I cut my losses now or wait it out?

I know this is quite long but I really want to date this girl and any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Guys