Ok so im just going to jump right in it.

I work at a bar. There is a HB8 working wih me. We've been working together for about six months. From day one we had a "thing". I never made a move bc I was going through a personality shift and i just wasn't comfortable with dating or getting into this sh1t... But we always stare at each other, kino, flirting.. as you may have guessed it.. When we drink... Because we work at a bar... Things get very interesting.

Now i must point out that my boss has apparently farked her before, and they were together for a brief time.

Fast forward to new years. Which was also her birthday. And as you may have guesses it again, the bar was packed and things were turning into a sh1t show. EVERY SINGLE GUY HIT ON HER. she is that one girl who gets all the attention every night, no matter what..

Please let me point out that i was drunker than i can write down. Throughout the night we didn't hang out much because she was partying up front with frends and fam while my team and i finished work.

Now at this point, she began to cry and of course every single person was right there crowding her up trying to help her. This went on for like an hour and even tho i soooooo wanted to do the same, i didn't. Instead a few of my friends kicked it in the back and continued our drinking.

So she comes back there, and i immediatelly isolate her into a corner where i bask in the awesomeness of conversating with her.

So i asked her why she was crying on her b day on new years.. And she told me some crazy sh1t about her roommate and how shes about to be farked over and left with rent because she was leaving. She told me about her past and all kinds of stuff.

At this point my other boss (female) came and took her from me bc she apparently needed more shots for her birthday. Ten seconds before that while she was standing in front of me, facing the other way, i slipped my fingers between her fingers and pulled her in real close. Like a hug from the back..

Anyways 5 more beers 6 more shots later, i was sloppy drunk and decided that i would drink myself to sleep. It was new years and my bar was going nuts!

During this time.. Around 230am.. I am so farkin drunk i cant even tell you. Hb8 was nowhere to be seen so i just kept chugging.

At that point she appears next to me on my right, i look her in the eyes and we click. I cant explain it.. Just everything felt right. I turn to my right and there is my female boss slamming hb8's car keys in my hand

"dont let her drive, take her home."

So up and away i take hb8 and walk her back to my house.... Which just so happens to be next door. Literately next door. Haha.

We make out and grab each other all over on the way home... Right now im so farked up im positive im dreaming.

Through my front door we go, and as soon as we get in.. No words no nothing we explode into each other like kids. Clothes start flyin and everything is fine and then.....

As shes bouncing on top of me, she takes a tumble backwards, idk how, but she falls off my couch and falls right on the floor. This is where my "vibe" was like wtf? hey no big deal right? Were all drunk here and its new years plus your birthday. The girl was sloppy drunk.

As i take it to the bedroom bc shes beggin me to. So then i take a farking tumble off my bed onto my ass.

Jesus. It wasn't awkward tho, we kind of understood that the other person was farked up beyond belief and i dont think either of us expected fireworks and explosive sex.

At this point everyhing is really blury. We keep sexin, sexin sexin.. Than i realize i dont even have a condom on

So for some reason I cannot comprehend here I go limp.

Im so drunk and sort of appalled because that never happens to me. I honestly think i had way too much to drink...

So long story short we fall asleep in my bed, both of us naked.

The morning is where weird sh1t started going down. We were sitting on my couch trying to ignore our headaches just chatting about stuff when ahe dropped this.

"nah i was crying because some ppl at work say they love you and don't mean it. "

She didn't say specifically, but she was referring to our male boss whom she had a fling with... At that point i start feeling like maybe she didn't even want to come with me last night. .. But then i'm like - he wasn't trying to stop me.

Anyways... I stop kissing her hugging her and generally distance myself from her becuase in a way i feel stupid and cheated. She made no remarks about the night before. I could tell she would have liked to get some day sex, and i did not fulfill my duties as a man in giving her that.

Anyways she made no attempt to cuddle, kiss, say anything nice or anything at all. Straight shut down.

I walk her to her car we hug, no kiss she says thanks for everything.. and im off.

She spends the next 30 mins in the parking lot crying and answering frantic messages from people who thought she was kidnapped or some bullsh1t.


im going to hit her up today, on FB cuz i dont even have her #... What should i say?
What should i say???

Haha cheers mates good hunting!