I am not sure if this is the right place to discuss this..

In the Pandora's box system there are 8 types of women. Though while interviewing girls Brian sometimes says that he is himself one of the women kinds, or that some men of certain kind do something ordinarily...

But how is this possible ?

Letís take the timeline - tester and investor. This comes out of women fighting inside between checking multiple guys and finding the right one, and between taking one guy who has a potential, and investing into him. This is because the time is ticking, and she wants to find a mate until menopause. How can something similar happen to men ? We can reproduce almost as long as we are alive ..

Secondly - the sex line. I am sure men get sex traumas much more rarely than women. So the potential how to deal with it - justify or deny it - is also much weaker, if it is as all ...

And the relationship line also - do men really have so much opinion if their woman will be a career woman - or a house keeper, so strong that it could influence dramatically the relationship with another person ?

What do you think ?