ive fucked up in this aspect so much in the past it's unbelievable. basically it goes like this.

i meet a girl, we click, we fuck once. we fuck twice on another day.

I feel a major disinterest and dont feel like calling her or seeing her in any way. She seems interested in a relationship.

and here is when i fuck up. i just dont know what to do, as i dont want to escalate the relationship, but anything that is not escalation seems to have a very negative effect on them.

my intentions? keep fucking her every now and then, no strings attached, just having a good time. usually after a few weeks/months interest goes up again (especially if the girl is good in bed), but not to the point of having a relationship.

ive fucked up many times in the past almost in identical scenarios. Now a new girl left my house after the second fuck 3 days ago.... and here it comes again

should i message her with something funny even when i just dont care? when should i have another date to keep everything from going to the freezer?

some advice would be AMAZING