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    Default Not Sure What Her Deal Is

    There is this girl I'm friends with that I think is flirting with me but not sure. I was out with friends the other night and she was there. One time I was bobbing my head to music and I look and she is doing it too and says that she is doing what I'm doing. Another time I was talking to another friend and walk by her and she was asking me about my conversation saying she heard some of what was said and she could read my lips. And we were talking about another friend and I made an inappropriate comment and she slapped me in the arm. When I said it hurt she said she's been going to the gym and joked around some more. Seems like she is flirting, but she has a boyfriend. Is she just looking for attention?

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    Default Re: Not Sure What Her Deal Is

    Some girls like being in a relationship, but still really like to get guys attention. I say flirt like hell, but do not show a single slight of hand. Meaning do not initiate flirting with her, do not ask her out, and don't txt with her like crazy or anything. But by all means flirt away its fun and just good practice.

    If she wants anything to become of it she will let you know

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