This girl that I've been talking to online has me in a bit of a confusion. We hung out twice. First date went well, went to her parents Christmas party. Somehow she felt comfortable bringing me there after the date. Haha!

Date 2 I went to her little bro's hockey game then we went out for drinks, she paid.

I spent the next day or two just not contacting her. Talked to her on New Years Eve, and wished her a good one.

Now I feel I should initiate another meetup.She mentioned how she had a hectic week and wishes she could just relax.
Me: You sound over worked. We should chill out and watch a movie with some wine this weekend.

Her: Maybe, lets see how the week goes
I feel like this is putting me to the back of the line, We've kissed a few times too, so I don't get how I should treat this.