Okay so everybody's first reaction is gonna be no, but hear me out.

So ive known this girl about a year, after about 6 months we started to get really close, just as friends, hanging out all the time and have 2 or 3 different long txt convos a day. I developed feelings, and I was really lame and beta and told her I liked her, and did a really bad job of it to boot.

It gets worse. Even tho she said she didnt feel the same (unconvincingly), we actually got alot closer the next month or so, we stayed at eachother's places 4-5 times in bed together. A couple of times I gave her a hug and tried kino, but she didnt bite so I laid off. Yes I know I should have been more persistent!

So it came to a bit of a head over somehting silly when I didnt go over and give her a big hug and say hi in work, instead I sat by this other girl and chatted for a bit. Later that night I got a load of txt basically saying "What is going on" etc and then she didnt speak to me for a month,

Long story short over the last month we have started to get close again and a few things made me think she might be slightly on it again, but then this all came crashing down for me when I found out through a mutual friend that she has been sleeping with her housemate.

I understand that it has been rocky between them, and now she's called it off, but that she really likes the guy.

I know I should give up on this but she is one of those once in a lifetime girls you meet and I'm sure she was there for the taking in the past, just i was to lame to do anything and I cant live with missing the chance.

Is this situation lost, or with ALOT of advice on my game go I have even a 1 in a million shot? all advice appreciated as this is killing me.