Today my one-itis bumped into me from behind and said hi, right at the beginning of lunch. I asked her, "Wanna have lunch together" She said yes (probably the reason she bumped into me was for me to ask her).

fuuuuarrk though...I usually dont get frozen and nervous around women but I did with her. We had a decent conversation though about her trip to NYC and mine to San Francisco. Smooth convo, Although a few times I said completely random things. I could tell I was a bit nervous and she might have been able to tell, but I dont think it did as much damage because she talks to me in classes a lot and I'm pretty alpha there.

My question is... I was STUPID and didnt try to move sexual tension AT ALL. I want to show her im interested and flirt more and make more sexual references. How can I do that? How can I learn to make easy sexual references and make smooth sexual tension?

Also is she interested?? Some IOI's I think:

-At an ASB ice skating event, we were skating together all day holding hands, even though all her friends were there and her gay best friend tried to take her from me a few times.
-I catch her looking at me from across the class and keep eye contact until she moves it (usually like 2 seconds)
-I can flirt and make sexual refrences in text game but SUCK in real life. And she goes along with it.

Am I sad and hopeless or what haha..but thats why I came here.

EDIT: It is still early. I am a high school brah. Sophmore, 16-17 age. I am just HORRIBLE and TOO PUSSY at kissing. Thats where I fck up and I dont want to here.