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    Default Need help getting over this mental block please help!'

    Hey guys to make a long story short a couple months ago I was seeing the girl and I was over her house and she wanted to have sex and her family room while the parents and everyone were home walking around and I couldn't keep it up because I was mentally stressed that someone would walk in. Well she thought I wasn't attracted to her and she got rid of me. Ever since then I've been very skeptical on sleeping with Someone because I'm afraid something like this would happen again.

    How do I overcome something like this? Cannot think too much into it? I feel like I am sabotaging myself. I bring this up because a girl invited me over her apartment tomorrow to grab a bite to eat and hang out. She is an old-fashioned type of girl so I'm not sure if I should even bring condoms Because she might get offended that that was the only reason why I came over.

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    Default Re: Need help getting over this mental block please help!'

    First I'd suggest looking for a way to think about the situation comically. If you can do this, you will be able to relax about it.

    If you need more impetus than that, I'd suggest finding a nice HB6 or 7 whom is an investor type and she is also very nurturing. Begin a relationship with such a chick and then tell her about the story you described above. A strong investor/nurturer type chick (especially HB6) will respond positively, and those feelings of acceptance can help over come your feelings of rejection.

    This second method isn't exactly consistent with the pua principle of being unaffected, but hey sometimes you gotta break the rules to pass a snag
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