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    Default Had a case of "Whiskey Dick" but bouncing back quite well


    So a couple of weeks ago, I met this girl. We hung out, partied and had sex. Now the next day, we dont have morning sex which I'm cool with but we hangout and go to the zoo together, but afterwards I go home and that was it.

    We texted a few times afterwards, kept in touch asked her out a few times but one of us was always busy. We ended up hanging out again on Monday night, had a blast got drunk... really enjoying each other company, maybe a little too much. Fast forward we get back to her place, and I can't get it up. I drank to much, and it sucks. But the next morning comes and we dont have morning sex again because there are no condoms. But whatever, shit happens. Hey I'm all like hey, come to my place tonight, yada yada. She comes around my place, and is calling and texting and what not but I fell asleep. This was in the evening after work and everything. I finally wake up and give her a ring she is in the neighbor hood with some friends and I go and meet up.

    Now this girl, comes off as really into me... all the cues of IOI's and everything you can think of. So were at the bar, and were into each other, we flirt a lot, and we go back to my place. Well she comes in and passes right out, haha. I dont necessarily blame her for it because she had to of been exhausted from work and what not. So I stay up and fuck around. Well the morning comes around, we kiss and mess around again. And Im like hey Im not free until Saturday, lets hang out then. I told her I had plans Wed-Friday night, which I do with some friends and then another girl.

    She tries to say, well maybe we will hang out on Saturday. I tell her look, I dont placate on maybes, because if you say that Ill just get someone else to hang out. She obviously agrees, and set the date for Saturday.

    So Im here because it seems shit is coming really easy with this girl, and Ive kind of gamed her pretty well with a lot of push/pull, and cocky/funny stuff as well. But with it coming easy, is there anything I would watch out for with this chick from what Ive said.

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    Default Re: Had a case of "Whiskey Dick" but bouncing back quite well

    Like all girls she is libel to turn into a psycho bitch. But other than that is sounds as though you are in the clear. I think this is the first success story I've seen posted on this board lol

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