New year, new goals. I had a tutorial class but decided to stay behind after and this class full (15 or so girls) of mixed HB6-9 walks in. I vaguely knew one girl and she brings her friends over HB6 and HB8 to sit right in front of me (IOI?). Short convo and fast forward 10 minutes and i'm sure the HB8 likes me. I decide to stick around and tell the teacher i'm coonsidering taking her class but just wanted to sit in first.

Teacher seems to love how much I know my stuff and decides to chat to me during the break. During our chat I tell her how i bought my little sister a dog just before I left home, and how my mum treats it like her baby, all within earshot of HB8 (DHV?). I open HB8 right after with a cold read on how she looks foreign. Some chit chat latter I establish that we both enjoy travelling, all the while i'm leaning back and she's turned/leaning in her chair to face me.

Class ends and we're on our way to lunch as a group and I consider # closing until HB6 brings up story about how HB8 has a crush on this guy who works at footlocker. HB8 who was talking to me then says,"Yeah he's just really cute and dreamy". This caught me off guard so I pretend I don't care and we walk on. Enter cafeteria HB6 brings up this guy again!

I sense this will be the topic of discussion so I tell them I have class, and I have to leave so I can't eat with them.

Issue is that HB8 is Muslim and shy/reserved. Going from what friends tell me I have to keep things under wrap for this to work but problem is she lives with HB6. Do I invite our mutual friend to come over knowing that she knows my friends and that she'll bring HB8 along them game her from there? Or do I just suck it up and # close when I next see her? Or maybe i'm new to this and i'm mistaking friendliness for attraction?