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Thread: Need outside opinion to get out of my head!!!!

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    Default Need outside opinion to get out of my head!!!!

    Hey Team I would love your opinions and how to proceed. I know when your in the mix of things your emotions get in the way. That is why I need your help guys.

    Long story short,

    I met this girl in my class. We hooked up 4/5 months ago. I treated her (unconsciously) rudely the morning after we hooked up. Things slowly cooled off. I dated other girls, she other guys casually of course. Now we started texting again. I know she dates around and I date around too. I want to fuck her.

    Anyways I text her to hang out either Wed or Sunday and she says

    her: "it might work Sunday if my son goes to his fathers house" if not we should hang Monday before class!!!.

    Me: (blahblah responding to other stuff) Lemme kno if Sunday works we'll do something fun!

    Her: blah blah blah blah.. Ok sounds good!

    Me: (no more response)

    NOW , my question is how should I proceed? I know she's gonna cancel Sunday, and say lets grab a drink b4 class MOnday. I feel she just doesn't want to kick it with me cause she's unsure of how she feels about me. Hanging out before class is like a "safe drink date" I feel.
    What should I do?

    Im thinking I'll tell her Im busy, which I am, on MOnday and then call her sometime next week??? The thing is Im not as in her face as I should be. I always keep my distance and sometimes play too hard to get which backfires cause Girls were in LOVE with me and I act all cocky then they lose interest. I want my frame back to be the one who is being chased and I want her to be attracted to me like she once was... HOw should i go about doing this??

    SHould I just meet her on Monday and then run game and try to pull her home? or should I meet her on her terms(monday) and build attraction then ask her out on a real date some other time??

    Please let me know how you would proceed boys. I sincerely appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Need outside opinion to get out of my head!!!!

    I think if you feel she'll cancel Sunday then you do it first and reschedule for Monday. However, it doesn't seem like you'll be able to escalate back to your place if you have class so maybe reschedule the whole thing altogether. You know the logistics so use your best judgment.

    I've been in the cocky phase before. It's awesome! Until you find out that you're the only one that thinks it's awesome lol. Then I learned how to be humble. Soooooo worth it. Now women freely compliment me and I just play dumb like "Really? You think so?" They just eat it up

    I would've continued texting her after you set the date. I like to think that it's the same rule as getting a phone number. That you don't eject right after. But I could be wrong about this.

    I highly recommend learning more about push/pull to pass your cocky phase. It's only how I learned to properly express emotion and only sprinkle in some cockiness did women stop being completely turned off. Real World Seduction by Swingcat is great on push/pull. Hope this helps and good luck.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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