So I've been stepping up my game a lot lately, but I want to take it to the next level: Cold reading.

I've been really good with being flirtatious: making them laugh, teasing them, making them think about sex. However, I think cold reading would add A LOT to my menu.

I'm generally good with getting close to men. The reason its not so with women is because I haven't really experimented talking to them before I started to become a PUA (well, started on my journey). Before I started becoming a PUA, women terrorized me and thus I am not as good at getting close to them as I am with men.

That said, now I feel like my AA has vanished and I have absolutely no limits when it comes to talking to women. I can practice any routine whenever I want without feeling shame.

Here's the catch though: throughout my whole social life, not once have I said anything word for word, or canned, to gain acceptance. The only exception to the rule is speeches. Anyways, I usually make presentations and speeches on the spot without memorizing word for word. (bullet point fashion works wonders with me.)

So, now that you know the background, onto the topic: Cold reading. Ive been really interested in Cold Reading for a while since it helps with making people in general feel closer to you. Its intrigued me in areas other than PU. What I've learned through most of cold reading is canned script though. I feel like most cold reads are scripted. You see certain qualities, you pick one of your speeches. Even with slight word modification, you already KNOW what you're going to say.

Even with openers or stories, I would never have something planned to talk about. I'd just go with the flow of the conversation, and lead it where I felt like at the moment. I never had a routine or Go-To conversation topics. (except for openers, I have one go-to openers)

Anyways, I'm horrible with having something planned out and saying it. I am purely an Improv guy. The last time I had to memorize something word for word was in a play was in 2nd grade. In one of the showings, I blanked out and forgot my line, and I was speechless. With me, till this day, It's all or nothing: I nail it, or I trip over my tongue.

So my question for you guys is this: What is some advice you have for Cold Reading without memorizing characteristics that go along with certain things they say (no this implies this). Cold reading improv, per-se.

I know its a little impractical, but ive found people know rediculous solutions to the most awkward problems. just checking if anyone has any solutions for me in this situation.