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    Talking Getting a chick that wants me to tattoo her!!!

    Ok, im new on all this, this is the first time i joined something on the internet so ill try to make it as clear and short as i can, the situation goes like this:

    I've started practicing the tattoo art a few month ago, and i have been really popular, getting tons of importunities to improve and tons of people interested, so there is this guy from town that came with her girlfriend to make small tattoo like 2 months ago, the girl is really cute, shes about 18 but, i respect her boyfriend cause i know him for a while so didnt thougth of anything with her, i did what she asked me and she was really happy with my work, she told me she would come back for another tattoo next time, i didn't charge her cause it was my 6 o 7 tattoo.... now the awesome thing is that her sister contact me on facebook like 4 days ago and she is waaaaaaaauuuu really hot 20 year old chik, that in my opinion its oround 8 or 9, and really cute, you know type of inocente town girl, I think shes onto me cause i know shes been cheking my profile, but the only time we talked on FB about she wanting to also get a tattoo she told me she had a boyfriend but was going away some time for study, i know deep inside that i can have something going on with her but i dont want to blow my chances being to agresive or to direct (happens to me quite often) or wort just do my job and back off the seductive mode because not knowing how to attract her. I know for most of you this most sound very stupid, but in my history of experience i have blown tons of perfectly good oportunities just for not playing right my cards. I've already think i mess it up telling her i wouldn't charge her because being the sister of the other girl and being so beautiful, when it comes to not complimenting a girl I fail everytime... I need to know how to stand my ground and make her come for me????

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    Default Re: Getting a chick that wants me to tattoo her!!!

    It's OK to compliment a girl...
    Just do it about her fashion, style, or personality.... but not about her looks. (At least in the beginning.)

    However; once you're dating or in a relationship, then by all means DO compliment her looks / tell her she's beautiful.

    It takes some practice to make that adjustment sometimes. Especially if you're in the habit of telling girls they're beautiful all the time.

    Don't try to get into a conversation & build rapport right away either. Instead, be playful & tease/banter with her.
    Make little jokes & just be FUN.

    And remember... be calm, relaxed & confident.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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