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Thread: Am I fool for paying on my GF? How do I f close faster?

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    Default Am I fool for paying on my GF? How do I f close faster?

    Am I fool for paying on my GF? How do I f close faster?

    youtube ... Why Using Money Or Prostitutes To Get Girls Creates A Cycle Of Diminished Swagger And Self Respect! -

    Hey guys...

    i just watched the above video Rsd tyler..
    he is saying that a guy is a "bitch" is he pays for the girl's date.
    my question is:
    am i spending too much on this girl?

    i just got this new girlfriend, named NS. met her thru online dating website.
    first date (sunday) right before NYE
    second date (wednesday) few days after NYE. i took her out for dinner. first kiss.
    3rd date (tuesday) we went shopping for clothes (i bought myself shirts; she came along)

    on our 4th date, i got her to sleep overbut we didn't go all the way. since then we've seen eachtoher. she lives very close to me and i've gotten her to sleep over now like 4,5x. ive counted the total face to face interactions we've had and its been like 12 since our first date.

    i know she doesnt have a lot cash/wealth but i think i over-spoil her. i bought her a bunch of stuff to make it easier for her to stay here- bathroom stuff (shampoos, conditioner) and groceries (foods that she might like).

    a litte more info.. i gamed her strong and learned a lot from my previous dates that i went on with these other girls.

    the emotional side is seemingly happening SO FAST... we had a sex talk about a week ago. turns out.. (btw shes 27) she had 1 relationship that was 2.5 yrs, from age 23 to 25 ish. she never had an orgasm too (thought that was important). i told her i know i am 100% clean of STDS but i was going to get a blood test for her without her asking to not make her feel weird. she gave me a big smile and ask. she said she will get one too.

    i told her on our 4th date, i told her "i realized you love me" she was in shock. "do you deny it?" she says "i do not confirm and i do not deny it ". i told her " ican tell bc of the way you act around me, the way you look, touch hug/ telling you. u might not say it in words but i know." she laughed and i told her, "in 1 day im telling you, that u will say u love me." TURNS out.. the next day, early in the morning (less than 24 hrs), she told me she was talking to her friend she said the words "i love him". then she said i was right and then said "i love you." she asked me if i love her. i told her.. when im around you im crazy and i love you, BUT when u r not around im thinking how the hell did this happen so fast.

    i really enjoy gaming and sarging HB's but im having so much fun hanging out with her. plus i am very very physically attracted to her. (maybe bc of the dry spell. i got out of a LTR back in aug2012).

    my question still stands...
    1. am i financially spoiling her?
    2. any tips on f-close faster?

    im assuming for the f-close - ishould use classic LMR techniques... push n pull.

    ps : when i took her out for dinner she pays for tip.
    pps: most we did in bed was i got her shirt off. she gave me some hand but she didn't want bc she said "i need to 'wax' first".

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    Default Re: Am I fool for paying on my GF? How do I f close faster?

    This all sounds fine and normal too me...

    The financially spoiling doesn't really extend to buying shampoo mate. Its just shampoo, its not a big deal. If you were taking her out to dinner all the time or buying her flowers and stuff then it would be very different.

    Be a bit wary though saying the love word too soon though, it can be a stumbling point, but you've said it now so if its true then just go with it. I would normally advise waiting 4-6 months before saying the l-word.

    She seems worried about the STD thing so get the test results and you should F-close very quickly. She reacted positively to your suggestion of a test, which more importantly means that <b> she wants to sleep with you</b>. You might want to try being more assertive, are you trying/ offering and getting refused or just not trying at all? if the later is true just suggest having sex when you're in bed together.

    It depends on the girl tbh, there are some you can just slap on the butt and say "lets go fark like bunnies" avec a cheeky grin ; )... but she doesn't seem the type for that.

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    Default Re: Am I fool for paying on my GF? How do I f close faster?

    Sidewinder has given you solid advice. Just to add. You are buying her things that will only help make her feel more comfortable at your place, so this could work in your favor. Also if you feel like paying for dinner then that is your decision. Remember, use the information you read or hear, according to the situation and to your discretion. Just because a leading PUA like Tyler says you must do it this way, it doesn't mean it will be suitable if every situation. Hence the reason there are a lot of great systems out there that teach different things and most of them seem to work

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    Default Re: Am I fool for paying on my GF? How do I f close faster?

    So let me get this straight...

    -You bought shampoo, toothbrush, food, etc for someone you haven't known for a month.

    -You talked about taking tests for STDs.

    -And have met her face-to-face 12 times and even had her overnight and haven't done anything with her.

    - Told her you loved her before even sleeping together.

    I'm going to slap you lol.

    Although you did get her to say she loves you so I guess that's something. Just hope you don't think that's real love.

    Anyways keep practicing and don't be afraid to escalate. You shouldn't have gotten to the 4th date without doing anything. Good luck.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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    Default Re: Am I fool for paying on my GF? How do I f close faster?

    Yeah bro, call me old fashioned but I gotta sleep with a girl at least three times before I'll buy her dinner. ...see what I did there? I reversed the usual phrase.

    First of all, No. A guy isn't always a beta b1tch if he buys a girl dinner (I've done it alpha style). However if a guy is a beta b1tch then he will always buy her dinner. See the deifference?

    As for making her a gf and all that before sleeping together -that's nuts! That's like buying a pair of pants before you try them on!

    (No objectification intended)
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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