Couple months back a friend(afc)and I walk into a restaurant and sit at the bar. The bartender Is an HB7. I tease her a bit and open her up and got her talking then my friend jumps in and tells her she is hot etc. I tell my friend to n close her that ill go to the restroom so it's not awkward for her. He managed to n close. Talk to my afc buddy couple weeks after and he mentioned he f closed! I was happy for him and gave him props.

Well about 3 weeks ago I go to the same place alone. I walk in and seen the HB7 folding napkins and I ask "how have you been?" She gives me a confused look and I say " cant believe u don't remember me" with a smirk and turn to my bartender to order. About 5 mins later(she was working tables that night not bar so couldn't talk much) she comes up to me and ask how I been and that she remembers me. I tell her I just got back from another country for work. I DHV and talk for about 2 min until she had tables to tend to

. 10 min later some random waitress I've never seen comes up to me and ask if I know HB7 name and I replied "not that I know of" then tell me the HB7 thinks I'm cute and was wandering why a cute guy like myself is single. She ask about my job and I DHV and tease her a bit. She introduces herself to me and tells me she will come check on me later. Long story short she comes sit at the bar and we joke and I got her laughing then the original HB7 comes up and talk with us. I can tell she is shy now around me. I tease the HB7 for a bit and threw in a few high fives for kino and I ask how my AFC friend was. She started bad talking him saying he is needy and aggravating. I didn't say much and just kind of laughed. HB7 walks off and I continue awesome convo with the waitress. I tell the waitress she seems fun and I'm taking her number. The waitress takes my phone and stores her number. I leave and head home after this. I realized I could have n closed both of them and kicked myself in the ass(still learning).

Last night I visit the same restaurant with two of my friends and see the HB7 working bar. All I could think about was how to n close. I held good posture all night and teased her a bit when she would come bring more drinks and high five her(she actually said "u and your high fives" I replied with "I'm a high five pro! Want to see my license?" That got her laughing but I can tell she was still shy around me. I was sitting in the middle of my two friends and when we would get talking I noticed she couldn't keep eye contact with me for long. Not sure if this is good or bad. Seems she was shy around me but no one else. Like when she would come back I would tease her get her talking then my two friends would jump in and she would turn the attention towards them. I feel like I displayed a ill bit of social circle having my friends there(different friends then my originally AFC that n closed her)

My question is how can I n close her? I don't feel like going back there anytime soon bc I don't want to come off as a regular. Could I just somehow get her number from the waitress I n closed? I know this wouldn't be cool to have her do the dirty work for me lmao. Also every time I go there the HB7 always sends my AFC friend a text saying I'm there. Then my AFC friend called me this morning and tells me the HB7 txt him that I was there. He said he replied with " he was looking for u" she txt back " what's that suppose to mean?" He replied with I was just with you.

How can I n close her? I feel like my AFC friend is killing my game. He also isn't a close friend of mine and is actually aggravating. I also don't want to ask him for her number. I'm think of texting the waitress and trying to somehow get if from her but I know that wouldn't be cool. I know it would be an easy n close. Advice guys