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    Default dont know how to go about this one

    so this is pretty much what went down. i was at a restaurant last night with a female friend of mine because her bf (also one of my best friends) broke up with her unexpectedly while ring shopping. she was also my favorite wing for like a year before she started dating one of my friends, mainly because shes overly loud and pretty fearless so she does whatever i tell her to do.

    so we got to the restuarant and the hostess that brought us to our seats was adorable but she looked a little shy for my liking so i disqualified her and put her out of my mind.

    while we were waiting me and sammi were laughing and having a good time walking down memory lane when we noticed a second hostess laughing with another group she was seating. she actually looked like she was having a good time and she was probably an hb8 brunette. problem was i havent ever really opened a hostess or at least found a good way to go about doing it cuz every time i go to the restuarant im there with a date.

    so we finished our dinner and we both went to the bathroom before we left cuz we had an hour drive home. i came out before sammi did cuz well we all know how long girls take to fix their make up. anyways i was walking to the table to grab my take out boxes and the hb8 was bussing the table and she hit her head on the lamp over the table. i wasnt going to say anything about it, so i said "let me just squeeze past ya here to grab my boxes, sorry doll."

    her "well its a good thing you didnt see me hit my head"

    me " oh i definately saw it but unfortunately i havent got time to stick around and make fun of you for it"

    her " hahahaha ohhhhkayy"

    me "next time love, i promise ( wink)"

    her " ill hold ya to that ( she was still gigling and giving me every ioi in the book)"

    so i left but my problem now is that i really want another shot with her but i dont feel like eating applebees every damn day of the week until a day she works.
    If i get a guy some a$$, he gets it for a day; if i teach him how to get it for himself, he's tappin forever

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    Default Re: dont know how to go about this one

    Honestly I think it's best left behind. If you were to go back and she was working you now care about hooking up with her, and we all know how it goes when you actually care about getting her......boom!

    For future reference, if there is a waitress or whatever, or "hired gun", what's worked for me is being a little off handed. Waitresses get hit on all the time, they're used to it, so you want to gorge opposite way and just talk to her as normal instead of being to direct straight away and escalate from there.

    Good luck .

    : GeMiNi :&

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