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    Question Too loud club makes you agressive?

    My friend and I opened 2 girls at a too loud
    Girls:stand at the bar quite and look around and talk.

    He opened them with 2 shots .I was standing at our table seeing him and the girls.
    When he approached he gave them and talked to girls for ...and indicate me.
    Instantly i go to wing him.
    I ask her "Where are you from..",'She tells'
    I lean and smell her hair and tell 'you have nice fragrance what is it ?','she replies'
    And after she and her friend look each other and lean together ,maybe because her friend was curious
    But after my friend rolls off i freeze from anxiety and try to think something to fit but no fail because he left me alone with his obstacle.
    He was thinking to give the shots, return to our table waiting to receive IOIs.So approach again friendly.
    He told me that i was too agressive and confident and i blowed him away and the target girl freezed.
    I told him i was so confident so i can speak loud.
    I have done this many times and i blowed away. I am Inconguent with so much confidence?

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    Default Re: Too loud club makes you agressive?

    At a club, you definitely need to be louder and have a higher energy level, especially if your target is already in a high energy state. So, I'm not sure what you looked like by being TOO confident and TOO aggressive. I can only imagine something really wild and violent! ... which of course would not be congruent. But you should receive your friend's feedback and next time be aware of your energy level, and tone it down one to two notches and see how that works.
    The thing is, you said you got anxiety when your friend left. It's very possible that when you get nervous, you get louder. I have seen that happen a lot. Different people react differently to anxiety. Some get quieter, some get louder to compensate - since you are in a state of fear. So keep that in mind. Take deep breaths, stay cool, and match the energy level with the group.
    The world is your matrix. You control the strings.

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