I have heard the cube is an awesome technique/routine, but canít find what it is. Someone please explain.

Also, how do I turn my great life experiences and stories into good DHVs? I have lots of them and am building my "image" right now. I know to tell them emotionally, and with high energy, passion, and good body language. But I still feel that I sound like Iím bragging when I do this, and I want to avoid that. Also, sometimes I feel like they are forced, how do I integrate them naturally?

So basically is there a formula maybe on how to stage and start the stories for now, etc. while I'm a newb until I find my rhythm.

Also, any other general guidelines and/or ideas for doing DHV would be much appreciated. I feel this is the weakest part of my game right now.

Thanks PUA community.

Love this lifestyle BTW! Been into it for a few months now. I have dated 8 girls. 3 F-closes, 2 I got rid of cause they werent good enough for me (never thought I'd do that in my life), and two more on the way to f-closes, and all have been HB7.5 to HB9's.