Sup guys. Need an assist with "Girl X." I met her about a year ago while at college and we have always gotten along great. Important to note that she has had the same boyfriend for the past 5 years. Both of us had busy lifestyles but when we were able to party together, it was always flirtations and touchy. About a month ago we were having a house party and when the time came to head to the bars, the group started walking.

We broke off to just the two of us early on. As we were leaving I was helping her down a step by offering her my hand. She accepted and never let go after she was on flat land. We continued to hold hands for the mile walk. When we got to the club we started dancing immediately, and it was very seductive (grinding, close, curious hands, etc..)

I need to know how to procede. I like her a lot but I dont want to waste my time. She has the habit of complaining about her bf when we're together, and says shes not getting married anytime soon.

Whats your read on this? What is she thinking?