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    Default Facebook Chat thread. Next crucial move...?

    Frequent reader. First post. Talking to a HB9 that I ran into at a wedding. I have to be careful because she knows my ex and I know hers. Both recent.

    Here's the thread..

    Me: Dani G! How's it hangin? I didn't get to say hello at the wedding for very long between my constant running back and forth to empty the flask. Seriously, who has a dry wedding?

    HB9: Haha, yeahhhh that was definitely interesting. I had never been to a dry wedding before, and hopefully don't have to ever again haha.

    Everything's going good just moved back to Tampa a few months ago. Hope all is well with you!!

    Me: Everything is going great! Ready to make a move as well, but I can't leave this job just yet. Did you take a new job or transfer?

    Kinda random but why do I ALWAYS crave Chick Fil A on Sunday?!???

    HB9: That's the Chick Fil A curse!

    I quit my job, but I'm doing it remotely until they find my replacement. I'm taking real estate classes online and going to pursue that afterwards!

    Me: Do you have any insight on why it was dry? I'm still puzzled..

    I worked in a real estate office in college and got my mortgage broker license. Its definitely tough industry right now, but theres an upside for sure! Are you ready for the debauchery that will ensue next weekend? My liver isn't ready for the punishment Tampa will offer!

    HB9: Kaitlyn's parents don't drink and more than half of their family doesn't either so the packages they had were kind of all or nothing and since a lot of people didn't drink they decided not to have it. Not sure why there wasn't a cash bar though at least. Oh well!

    Yeah, it's tough but it's picking back up and I'm definitely up for the challenge!

    And yes, soo ready for next weekend!! Nothing better than pirates and booze.

    Me: Haha yes exactly! I have a good group together so it should get pretty rowdy.. Do you have a favorite spot? I've only been a few times but every time has been a blast! You're originally from Tampa, right?

    They could've banked on a cash bar! I'm sure A1A Ale Works did really well Saturday!

    HB9: Nah I don't have a normal spot, normally just end up somewhere in Bayshore. Everywhere is good! And yeah I'm from Clearwater which is right by there.

    I need to close. Will be in her town next weekend. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Facebook Chat thread. Next crucial move...?

    I don't see anything that stands out in the conversation. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. She's answering your questions and keeping the conversation going.

    You missed lots of opportunities to escalate sexually or even tease her a bit - primarily the "pirates and booze" part. You could have said something like, "Once you start drinking, I'm sailing away and hiding my booty." It's corny and half a$$ed, but you get the idea. Breaks the logical flow of the conversation.

    I recommend reading this for a lot more insight and improvement on your text game:
    Always leave her better than you found her.

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