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    Question Please Help Me! Its Urgent and I need tough Advice!

    Well First Hello to this great community.. I'm new here and looking for tough advice... Hoping to get some good answers from here.. So here it goes >>
    My Question :
    I have a crush in my school and I've talked with her non-stop through text and
    phone... I'm really confused with the
    situation which is now standing in-front
    of me now
    ..! I've proposed her 2 weeks ago through text
    and she replied "lets see what happens in future" ; the most awkward feeling of
    getting this type of answer instead of
    "no" or "yes"...

    Reference :
    One day we both were traveling through same bus to our home and one of her guy-friend came and talked with
    her.. I stopped talking to her, and when
    we all reached home she text-ed me and said
    "Sorry, I Talked with him... I
    didn't like to talk but what to do, he
    came up itself.. There Must not be any Misunderstanding between Us

    That Scene is over, Lets go to Next :
    Okay now lets see this thing :
    Yesterday, I called her to come with
    me outside to shop, but she refused,
    because she said that she was not
    allowed.. Now we don't message this much because her
    Message Card Was
    over and i asked her does
    she need one of it? She said "No"..
    Which means Its straight that she don't want to message me Because she might be bored....
    One day, she told she was totally confused with me after proposing her.. Maybe 3 weeks before her boyfriend left her and she told me all those things because she finds me as her closest friend among the whole school.. She told me that he was too demanded and she will never ever go back to his life again. She told me that she don't want to be in any relationship untill and unless she finds out true love now...
    I don't know what is going on in her mind..

    She can't come out with me | She is sending me mixed signals | I proposed her, and she told lets see |

    What actually is going on?
    One of my friend told me to cut of conversation and meeting for 1 week.. He told me that if she tries to contact you anyhow then she is attracted but if not then she's not.. So, community, is this going to work?

    One more thing : One day i asked her what type of bf does she want, she replied
    "Tall, cute , caring and lovable like me.." yes, she told LIKE ME.. And she again replied "Your future girlfriend would be very lucky"..
    Oh man, i don't know whats going on and it seems like these days she lost interest in me because i keep messaging all the time.. Help me.. If u need any info reply this post!

    History : Its been only 2 months since i started talking.. And she tells me I'm so funny and she thinks what i say as a joke... Well, i think she thought my proposal as a joke because, i just told my feelings thorough text message... ;( ...

    I will update soon....

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    Default Re: Please Help Me! Its Urgent and I need tough Advice!

    First off, relax. No girl is worth stressing over. Never put any woman on a pedestal.

    Second - since you're new here, you should check this out - The Newbie Guide

    Third - after you get what you need out of that, look around for threads on inner game (personal favorite -, being alpha (I recommend, and definitely friendzone (

    Fourth - relax and have fun. Don't make it into a chore.
    Always leave her better than you found her.

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