I met this girl at the bus stop. it turned out that we do very similar things for work. so when we were at the bus stop, she was very talkative. she asked me a lot of questions about my work. then the bus came, and we both got on. So i went to the back, thinking she would follow me to the back continuing our conversation. but to my disappointment, she sat somewhere in the front. there was someone sitting next to her. so i stayed in the back. when that someone sitting next to her got off, I went and sat next to her and said "so what else?"
she says "huh?" I say "so what else?" she says "what else?" I say "yeah"
now listen to this, this is where it gets interesting.
she smiles, and makes herself busy with her iphone. that's it. nothing else was said. no response. nothing.
what the hell?