Book Store Chick:

Cute girl, worked in the bookstore, wandered over near me to put a magazine away. Took a couple steps away, then looked back and went back to straighten the magazine again because it was a little lopsided.

I started chuckling a bit to myself (because I've dated / known a few OCD people and it struck me as humorous). She kinda glanced over at me and I smiled and said "I just know some people who are OCD too."

She looked kinda bashful and said "Well, I'm not really the OCD type, I'm just paid to keep them straight." She walked over to the other side of me and strarted fiddling with some other magazines, but still within easy speaking range of me. It seemed to me that with the large stack of thing she had sat down on the bench that obviously needed put away, this was probably an IOI since she was staying near me when she didn't need to.

I said to her "So, what type are you then?"

She looked over and said "What do you mean?"

"Well, if you're not the OCD type, what type of person are you?" She looked kinda bashful a second (glanced down, really wasn't making a lot of eye contact throughout our interaction, but I was getting more of a "shy" vibe than a "disinterest" vibe.)

She said "I'm more of the school type."

"College? What major?"

"Writing and Psychology."

"So you're a people watcher! Do you ever go to the bars and find a corner to sit and watch everyone?"

"No, I don't really go to bars."

"What do you want to do after college?"

"I want to be a missionary." I totally should have nouned this and drawn her into talking about her interests here, since this is obviously gonna draw positive emotions, but my small-talk skills are naturally pretty terrible, and I missed it.

"So you're from a pretty traditional Christian family."

"I guess so."

At this point, I was going to show her the big cross I wear around my neck (it happened to be under my shirt) but she basically just kind of wandered off as she was saying I guess so, without her stack of books, which I'm assuming was an IOD since she obviously had work to do there. I kept browsing the area for a couple more minutes just so I didn't look like I was only still standing there when she left because she was there. She never wandered back over, I browsed a few more minutes and then left for another place to meet people afterwards.

In retrospect, I really should have followed up that statement about missionary work since that was an obvious passion-invoking topic I could have followed. My body language was confident (I've gotten really good about standing up straight and smiling) but I didn't really open my stance up to her as we started talking (I kept facing the magazine rack. Since she seemed like the shy / goody type she probably would have responded more positively to a more interested / engaged stance.

Anyone else have any more constructive criticisms or suggestions? I've really been improving drastically on my own but I realized that I might do so much better if I came to the real artists for advice as well. I don't really know any PUAs in my area and the only natural I know is married now and basically lost his touch beyond basically friendly charisma.