At my college cafeteria, I saw an HB sitting by herself studying, so i decided to go say hi. Went in direct, talked for 10 minutes, she was really receptive (said she never had anything like that happen to her), and we exchanged numbers (didnt set anything up then and there unfortunately), but she gave me her business card w/ all her information. I got home and she texted me (yesterday)

HER: Hey dalmatian
~1 hour later ME: Hey
HER: ooo I thought you werent going to text me
~1 hr later ME: ha i was on lockdown. ill be seeing you soon. night montreal
HER: Night

Im wondering whether I should txt her tonight to set up coffee SOON (maybe tomorrow, if shes at school again), or should i wait a day or so and set something up for next week, (which i think could either kill the vibe we had, or build suspense). Oh and if anyone has any txts to recommend, id love to hear them!