Hey guys,

So I met this girl at a pizza place in NY right next to my house. I went to get a slice Started talking to her. Number close. She was visiting her friends. Lives in FL.

Next day her friend this guy who was with her asked me come hang out at a bar with them. I said I was busy but maybe tomorrow

Day after - spoke to her over the phone. She invited me the guy's b'day (he's gay openly so no cock blocking) This was about 2 pm. I said we'll talk later and let me know what plans. I texted her at 7.30 - So where are you planning on taking me tonight ?
She replies at 1am - haha where are you taking me
Me - it doesn't matter where I take you because i know its going to be fun

Called her next day no reply

Added her on FB after 3 weeks had a small conversation (just summarizing the main part. Rest we spoke about what do you do ? what major? Why are you moving to fl? )

Me – I was in FL and was going to call you but didn’t have your number (didn’t actually go)
Her – really? Are you back in ny ? you have to call me when you come next time (and wrote down her number)

I happened to go to Miami after 2 weeks (I’m moving there in less than 2 weeks. Went to look for apartments. She studies at some college 35-40 mins away from where I was/am going to live)

(Tuesday) Texted her– Guess what ? I missed you so much that I flew to Miami
Her – if that’s the thing then it would be very rude if I don’t meet you
Me – well it would be. We can meet on Thursday
Her – I have night class..
Me – Well then I can meet you for a bit on Friday or maybe next time im here
Her – Friday it is!!

(Thursday) – Called her Thursday afternoon no reply

(Sunday. I was back in NY) texted – well you decided not to meet huh?
Her – You didn’t text. I was in Miami
Me – well I did call on Thursday
Her – haha I didn’t get any call

I didn’t write anything after her reply. I’m moving there in less than 2 weeks

How should I approach this ?? or leave it ?

- A380