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    Default Caught in limbo between friendzome and something more

    Ok so basically I've been trying to pick up this girl shes like a HB7 I'm only really using game on her because shes good practice and has nice tits. So I'm in high school by the way n she goes to my school I never really was close to her but we said hi in the halls n texted like once every blue moon. So I suddenly started trying to pick her up using like everything I learned from this website and the game n it seemed to be working! I was like ok she wants the D so I invite her over to my house in 3 days after the previous day having some serious flirting so she agrees to but the suddenly and abruptly friendzones me!!! I was shocked because I almost F-closed her except she was drunk n I only had one beer n im too gentleman to take advantage of her but basically the whole night she begs me to Fark her n tells me how good looking I am n how shes had feelings for me... So now Im a confused high school kid with some girl coming over in 3 days that I dont really wanna just hangout with as friends. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! (This is irrelevant but every time I post on this forum I feel like I'm on pimp my rides and the experts are like Xzibit! :P)

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    Default Re: Caught in limbo between friendzome and something more

    I know this type of mindset doesn't come until after some time and experience in the field, but you should definitely develop some standards. "nice tits" and "she wants the D" are things that should be taken out of your vocabulary. I know you're only in highschool, but you can never start too early to respect yourself enough and the women you want to date.

    Morality aside you should develop standards because it's a very attractive trait to women. It shows you are a challenge and won't just sleep with anyone. Even if you are. So setting your goal to solely have sex, though understandable, risks failure. Your behavior will filter through the mindset "I need to bang before she leaves." Then you know what happens? When the clock comes to the countdown you become more aggressively sexual with her. She may not be in the right mind for it and you will scare her off. That is, if you didn't escalate smoothly. So just make sure that, yes, your goal can be sex, but that you should not become attached to the outcome. So that if it doesn't happen you won't force it on her or beat yourself up.

    Your key ingredient here is to make sure your kino game is downpat. You have to get her used to your touch so that when you go in for the kiss (or more) that it won't be a huge leap forward, but natural. There's plenty of stuff on here on kino and you have 3 days to read and practice. On a pillow maybe lol. So get to studying!
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