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    Default Confused about a woman my age

    Hello everyone. I need some advice.
    I'm a late bloomer and I am very inexperienced. It's not that I'm ugly or anything, it's just that, to make a long story short, I barely have any experience with women which makes me insecure around them. Yeah go ahead laugh at it. I don't give a fark.

    Anyway, I met a girl who is my age (30). She's pretty and nice to be around with. At first, we just saw each other to do casual stuff like having a drink, going to the theaters, go to a restaurant together, etc.
    I started feeling more for her after a few dates and just told her how I felt: I told her I started to get more feelings for her.
    She said she didn't feel that way. At least not yet. She told me she had the feeling we were too different to each other and wasn't sure of it yet herself. She did say she was picky about what man would become her boyfriend but she didn't really completely rejected me neither. It's hard to describe but it left me with a feeling of "she said no, but she didn't totally close the door neither". It felt more like "I don't know you well enough to know this yet".

    Anyway, we continued seeing each other. Just last week, I asked if she would like to spend an afternoon wandering in another city. You know, just some local city-sighting. She said ye and we planned it on last Saturday, but since the weather was really terrible last week she asked if it was ok we would simply go drink a hot chocolate milk together in our hometown.
    We did that and it was fun. We spoke and laughed and chatted.

    We started talking about the movie Skyfall which she wanted to see. We planned to see it in the theaters one night, but it was already fully booked so we ended up watching another movie.
    She said last weekend that she still wanted to see Skyfall.

    So a few days ago, I sent her a message asking her if she'd like to come and see Skyfall over at my place since I was planning to acquire it as soon as it would be released on Bluray.
    She replied "of course! I still haven't seen it! it's a good idea". I told her I'd let her know as soon as I got the movie but that we'd probably see each other before that anyway. We're still planning to go do some local city-sighting.

    Now I'm confused. I'm terrible at interpreting signals from women. A few months ago she kinda said "no" when I told her about my feelings, but didn't really completely shut the door.
    And now this... all my friends say she's probably into me and simply wants to get to know me better before eventually starting a relationship. And they say that if she said "no" last time, it's probably because she felt it was too early and we didn't know each other well enough yet.

    You, from an objective point of view, how would you interpret this? Is this totally innocent and nothing's going on, or do you think she might actually be into me or at least try to find out who I really am to see if a relationship is possible?

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    Default Re: Confused about a woman

    It sounds like she's pretty content with the relationship as it stands now, and she has no reason to add a sexual element.

    There is a slim chance that she actually is being cautious and taking it slow, but I don't think that's what this is. I's pretty easy to mistake polite disinterest for indirect / passive interest.

    It sounds like she sees you more as a friend than a lover.

    There are ways to get out of the friend zone if you're at or near it, just kinda difficult.

    Do you know what type of bf's she's had in the past?

    (If you don't know tho then don't ask)
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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