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    Default "I think I made a mistake" response

    Hey guys, I recently cut things off with a girl I had oneitus for. I pretty much told her I have more respect for myself than to wait for her to figure out her feelings, because we're young, she has no idea what she wants.

    But like it has been before with this same girl, she'll usually come back, in an almost escalated friend zone, hold hands, cute texts, telling me she likes me a lot, whatever that is lol. I'm not her happybuddy and I told her im not going to orbit around her to make her happy.

    So in case of a "I think I made a mistake by letting us end" text/message/call, what would be the best way for continuing on? I'd still be interested in dating her, but on my terms. But she feels weird about dating, because she's really gifted and smart, so she lets logic think and doesn't like using her emotions. I told her to call me if she wanted to figure it out and she said "ugh, i cant. im sorry. i dont like feelings and talking about them." and I told her "That tells me something." and told her to have a great weekend.

    She's friends with my bestfriend who's also orbiting around her because quite frankly, he has depression issues, he has oneitus for this girl, and he's best friends with her as well. I don't want none of her shit, but I see her all the time during the week, she eats lunch at the same table as me. Thank god for no classes with her. To be honest, with my friends, I think his depression issues stem from his self esteem issues from being friendzoned so hard by this girl, that and he doesn't really like people and doesn't make the effort to talk to them and then thinks nobody likes him. Hah, go figure, right?

    Anyways, if a message like that came up. What would be the best way of going about beginning to date her? I'm not interested in a platonic friendship with her right now, but I want to be in control if she does come back.

    "I think I made a mistake"

    Possible responses?

    "Damn right you did!" That amused me lol

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    Default Re: "I think I made a mistake" response

    Be Honest.

    (at least 30 characters)

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    Default Grovel Game

    It's all up to you on whether you want to let her back into your life or not. If you don't want her in, just tell her so. If you do, that's another story.

    Don't make it easy for her to get back in. Don't tell her, but make it evident that you do not trust her. If she wants you, she's going to have to earn you back. When she is coming back for you, make sure you put yourself in a position where if she doesn't prove herself to you, you can easily find another woman to replace her.

    Best way to approach this is with a strong will and an iron heart. Don't let her chip you down with sweet talk, promises, and all of that other nonsense. Keep the game in your head, and never back down.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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