Good day fellow Pua's. I'm Jamaican and I'm new here.

I've been talking to this girl for a while now. She has her man, who is a "clown". He sends her money, while she basically controls and manipulates him. Being honest, she is sexy but I'll never stoop for any woman or give them leverage over me.

Anyways, I want to have sex with girl and she has been pulling theatrics to get me distracted or try to "tame" me. I obviously cannot be tamed. I have been bluntly stating that I want to have sex in the last week but she hasn't budged. She came forward today while texting her and said "you will never have sex with me. Get it in both your heads...". I expressed that I have needs and that I don't have a problem with here not wanting intimately, BUT I hope she gets a friend or what ever it is she wants and that I'll pass on her idealistic hopes. She ok said of course, but I know its really for covering up...

This girl is a manipulator and uses all the techniques well. From changing the tone of her voice to pretending to be upset. It hasn't never worked on me because I've always stood my ground and corrected her from day one. I have even "dissed" her on many occasions but she is still around. Obviously pointing out that she really respects me as a man and wants me.

Now MEN, what I need help with is ADVICE and identifying the OPTIONS that I have after taking that important step in the relationship. What strategy could I use to get her to open to sex and what i can EXPECT. Oh by the way we are intimate but not just not at sex yet. Am I moving two fast, its has been about a month now, am I moving too fast and giving the impression I only want sex?

fellow pua.