The last HB I hooked up with I expected a relationship (not LTR) with because I wanted to buckle down for a while. What happened there is that she ended up going back to her boyfriend shortly after we hooked up. Probably because I told her to stop playing games with him 3 hours before the fact haha. I feel like Good Luck Chuck

I'm not upset at all, but I'm actually happy for her. However, the dude is a total chump (I know better than to point it out to her).

Anyway, the semester kicked back in today and we met up. I felt the tension go through the roof. Here's a list of why:

1) Playing with her hair (small IOI, but something)
2) Proximity - this girl was right in my face as we were talking...too close for comfort if it was a friend
3) Eye contact and gaze - She had that triangle gaze or whatever going on where she would look at both of my eyes, then my lips, then back to my eyes, etc.

Taking ethics into account - I refuse to break them up. That's not why I'm in this. However, I really want to f-close. She's made it clear a couple of months ago that she wouldn't cheat, but I'm thinking of a way to get her to do so, anyway. Still wrong and I might as well break them up if I'm going down that path.

Where do I go from here? The right thing is to obviously drop it, but we'll be seeing each other 3 times a week at a minimum - no way in hell I'm gonna let an opportunity pass by.

What do you guys think I should do? I'm down to play devil's advocate with this if anything.