First of all i am not good at english so i am sorry if you don't understand something
Ok let's go, yesterday i went to a club with my friends then a girl (she is a friend of a friend mine) came to me and said: you are a little short but you are very cute (IOI), ok that moment i wanted to kiss her but i start to talk we talk like 5 minutes then a friend pulled me to say something in that time a guy approached sara (the girl i was talking)
she pulled me and tell him i was her boyfriend (IOI) when she did that i told her
ME: i think he doesnt belive i am your boyfriend
Ana: why you think that?
ME: because we didnt kissed yet
then i kissed sara for about 20 minutes and she went help her friend
after that i didnt find her again
She was very drunk yesterday I thought she would not remember me but today my friend tell me she remember me and she ask to me add on facebook

i am very proud to add some girl on facebook, i think i am weak, desperate if i do that
so here is my question:
I ignore my proud or i wait she adds me?
i know thats sound ridiculous but i think i have to make she come to me