I got this girl's number a while back and she was completely, absolutely GORGEOUS. We didn't get to talk long the brief moment we met but we immediately started talking about getting together and hanging out.

Whenever I called or messaged her she was excited to talk to me and didn't want me to hang up. I would always playfully pick on her and she'd geek out. However when I would make plans to see her she would always either have to work or going out of town. I only asked her out twice because i know the drill if they turn you down twice and don't offer an option.

It'd been weeks since I had talked to her and last week I had asked her to meet up one last time. She said she wished she could but of course already had plans to go visit a college but that we could meet up before she left.

So today I heard about someone sending her flowers and it made me feel like one of the hundreds of guys chasing after this girl. She's so sweet, one of those girls that deserves a guy to send her flowers and prove himself to win her, but I thought that was how you lose the girl.

So I have 2 questions:

1. Where do you draw the line between "romantically winning the girl over" (not playing hard to get) and making her feel like your alfa and that she needs to work to get you

2. How can I keep from being one of the many guys that chase after these beautiful women? How can I stand out?