Hey guys,

Things were going quite well for me in my trip to New Zealand until I met this chick- Let's call her Hayley. Don't get me wrong, it was great at the time... but, now I probably will never see her again. I had plenty of other HB's around me who were giving me plenty of IOI's but, before long, this one girl had my complete attention.

I ran perfect game on her. I opened well, DHVing in front of her social group. They were all English, so I ran a funny story that happened when I used to live there. I also teased them on their accents and subtly started building Kino. At this point, I was only passingly interested in Hayley based solely on her looks (HB 9) and her accent.

I invited the girls for a game of golf (I'm no good at it but, I thought it would be a laugh) and they were all too happy to come along. I was now into the Qualification stage however, this is where the problems started to arise. She qualified too well. She is interested in everything that I am, is quick witted, and she has a fiery personality that I just love. Every time I thought I had her pinned, she would find some way to surprise me. Though I was supposed to be doing the sarging, I was becoming more and more attracted to her with every passing moment.

I spent only 5 days with her before I had to leave for Australia but, I honestly loved every moment of it. Now, I'm most likely never going to see her again, and I have to admit, it hurts. It's now been two days since I left and I can't stop thinking about her. We are still in touch but, it's obviously not the same.

I need to get over her. Any help?