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    Default Alpha fighting for alpha

    So I have been relating with an alpha female for about a year now. I can tell she is into me, but at the same time, I am also an alpha female so its like there is jealousy and hate mixed in with it. Beside the fact, I dont know if shes ever been in a real relationship with another girl, let alone an alpha. Her last bf was an alpha, but being a girl, the dynamic makes for some explosiveness. Something happened that wasnt my fault, and I can tell that she is:

    1) Falling for me
    2) So pissed she wants to kill me


    She wont talk. She wont say it. She wont even talk to me now. Its like this girl is looking for an excuse for me to turn out like every other guy who has broken her heart so she is putting up a massive wall.

    Normally, Id be like whatever and move on, but the thing is, I think I have fallen also. Any insight on how to get this alpha talking with out giving up my alpha to her?

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    Default Re: Alpha fighting for alpha

    the concept of being alpha is greatly exaggerated by a lot people. picture an alpha male (in your case female), and i'm willing to bet you think of either a guy in a suit with a cold expression on his face with people respecting him or a woman who's all 'mysterious'. this is mostly bullsh1t. the concept of alpha doesn't mean that. simply put it's how assertive you are in a given situation without compromising your core beliefs. it's okay to be vulnerable, show a little empathy and compassion as long as it doesn't make you into a whiny little bitch. if you feel strongly towards this girl and you know in your gut she feels the same way, the next time you're both alone and the bullsh1t pretenses are at an all time high. stop talking, walk up to her, look her in the eyes and TELL her. if she's still playing games after a year (wow) of this, then fark it, and move the fark on.

    best of luck,

    Remember: there is a fine line between love and hate, the only way someone can really not care about something is to be indifferent any other emotion shows exactly that: emotion. There are 2 main reasons people hate someone or something:
    1. They are jealous of you and deep down wish they were you (just because you don't agree with someone is no reason to hate).
    2. They disagree with you completely that they make it their life's mission to hate.

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