Hi all!
Basically I wanted to get some opinions and advice about gaming customers at work. I havenít given it much thought before as it seems thereís not much working in my favour. I work part-time as a cashier (itís only a job while studying but is the low job status a DLV?) so I have to combat job status, the daggy uniform, and being a cashier means thereís time constraints as well (customers in and out very quickly) so anything I try must be quick not to mention it canít be too unprofessional. I presume a direct approach would work best but Iím not sure I have the confidence and it could seem a bit unprofessional or creepy.
What advice have you guys got for gaming in this environment? What sort of approach should I use, any routines (keeping in mind theyíd have to be quick) or is it a bad idea altogether?