Hi so i figured i would post on here since this forum helped me a lot in the past. Basically i have sexual performance anxiety and i dont know how to shake it. It started in October I was seeing a girl and she wanted to have sex. I agreed but i couldnt get it up for the life of me. I was so nervous/ over excited it didnt work. After that day she completely started to lose interest in me and was claiming that her bf was gay that hurt me alot and from then on i was to afraid to be with anymore women worrying that it would happen again and I wouldnt be able to get it up. So fast forward a few months i met a great girl and i am attracted to her. I was in her room and we drank alot. She went down on me and i couldnt get a full hard on. She said that never happened to her before. Right away was mentally pysched out. Now she wants to have sex with me and i refuse to because i dont want to say ok and cant get it up and she gets rid of me like the last one. I dont know what to do because its ruining my relationships. On a side note im 23 dont smoke and stay active.