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Thread: Bros before Hos.. Catch me up.

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    Default Bros before Hos.. Catch me up.

    Clear me up on this rule..

    My interpretation is.. You get one girl in your life who runs equal to your boys.. Every other girl comes AFTER your boys.. right??

    So check this out..

    Hit the club last night with my bro, he's talking to this girl so I give him space, don't see any kissing, didn't notice any IOIs, nothing. I tell him after I think she's pretty, he's telling me he's on some other girl. So I'm thinking fair game..

    Talking to some clown in the bathroom, he's tellin me his boy gets loads of girls, so I'm walking back to the music, asking him what's up, "show me some skills".. This girl (who my friend was talking to) comes walking by, so I grab her and run some pseudo-game(complete.noob) in front of these guys, she's giving IOIs, she's laughin and joking, I'm teasin, 20sec half kiss close, those chumps bailed, I fluff for a minute, then leave her to go find my boy.

    A little while later I lost my boy again and see this girl gettin hit on by some guy, so I grab her- kiss close in another 20secs, he bails, me and this girl are foolin'. Then she tells me she feels bad for my friend or something. Fk knows what their relationship is.

    Homeboy, gone. Left me on my one in the club, no word from him.

    Apparently he saw me kissin her both times and isn't happy about it.

    Bros before Hos.. He never said he was in to her, now he's screwin sayin I'm fked up for kissin some girl I didn't even know he liked!!

    The FKKKK?

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    Default Re: Bros before Hos.. Catch me up.

    I see the only thing you can do is go and try to talk to your boy to see wtf is up. Bro's are supposed to be honest, especially with this kinda of stuff. If he likes her, he should of let you know. Probably he wants something with this chick and she just wants to be friends.

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    Default Re: Bros before Hos.. Catch me up.

    I can understand your boy if you knew about her the whole time. That would've been fucked up if you did that.

    It was his responsibility to tell you that he chose her as his new target. But it's also your responsibility to clarify to him that you didn't know and wouldn't have done it if you knew. He'll understand. Simple. And if he doesn't then he's just jealous of your skill :P
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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