Ok, so I was talking with this girl online (she contacted first) and she really seems like she wants to hang out, but we're both only free next weekend, but I figured I would text her today to at least get some initial contact out there. She is absolutely terrible at texting back, maybe because she was babysitting at the time but whatever, here is the convo:

Me: "Hey what's up?" (I know, boring, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else)

Her: "Hey who's this?" (I had given her my number online too hoping to avoid that response but apparently she didn't write it in).

Me: "It's *my name* from pof. Come on, do you just give out your number to any guy who talks to you :-p"

Her: "No I don't always save numbers in my phone"

Me: "I'm only kidding... u throwing any epic super bowl parties?" (I said I was kidding because she didn't seem to have seen my attempt at humor)

Her: "Hahahahaa I'm babysitting one."

Me: "Oh, sounds like a ton of fun. Don't get too wasted"

Her: "Ha I can't I have 12 kids here"

Me: "ur babysitting 12 kids? O.o" (my bad attempt to keep the convo going).

Her: "Yeah not alone though"

Me: "word. imma get back to the superbowl with my friends. have a good night." (No response from that).

This convo spanned from literally 4 hours exactly. I ended it because I was getting tired and she was taking way too long to text back.

Any feedback? Critique? I plan on waiting another few days and then making the plans to hang out